1. Sign up for the Strandja fest system. Sign up with a valid email address that will be Your username. In addition, the fields for the password, name, family name, telephone, organization to which you belong / if there is a brief description about it.

2. Each time you publish an event, you must first enter the Strandja fest with your username and password.

3. The next step is to indicate in which region the event will take place. Regions are regions and municipalities in Bulgaria and Turkey.

4. If the event is one day, then the same date is entered in the start and end date fields. If it's a multi-day event, the respective fields indicate the two dates - starting and ending.

5. The next step is to specify the type of event - festival, holiday, fair / fair / contest.

6. The second part of the event publication continues with the following fields:

- the settlement where the event will take place,
- determine whether the event is in Bulgarian or Turkish Strandja;
- follow three consecutive event names in the three languages ​​- English, Bulgarian and Turkish respectively. By chance it is good to fill in all three fields - a web address field if the event has a website;
- the time from which the event will start and a field for the minutes, if the start time is for example 9:30;
- an hour in which the event is due to end;
- organizer of the event;
- contact phone field;
- an e-mail where users can send queries about the event; - follow three consecutive fields for the text of the event respectively in the three languages ​​- English, Bulgarian and Turkish. It is desirable to complete all three fields;
- main event photo;
- field map with an event location pointer - you only need to "grab" the pointer with the left mouse button pressed, drag it to the place and drop it there. If the location is not visible, the map may come up with a CTRL keystroke on the keyboard;
- after pressing the ENTER button, it is stored in the Strandja fest system but has not yet been posted . It 's on the next page where you can view the event and eventually change it or add more photos.

After you click PUBLISH EVENT, it becomes visible to STRANDJA FEST users.