Strandja Fest

The project aims to improve the access to tourist information for the cross-border region and increase the awareness about Strandja as a festive tourism destination.  The design of a joint festival Programme will reinforce the local festivals by building a network of festivals and fairs with trainings for organizers and stakeholders.

The major activities include capacity building for development of Strandja as a festive destination based on the cultural heritage and local traditions in the cross-border region.  Organization of a pilot joint cross-border Festival "Strandja-Yildiz" and elaboration of Internet marketing tools for promotion of Strandja/Yildiz as mountain of festivals are envisaged.

As a result a new cross-border touristic product will be developed - Festival "Strandja-Yildiz" and a joint plan for promotion of Strandja as a festive destination and improved cross-border capacity and cooperation.